Finishing The Film

Jun 19, 2019

We're in the final stages of producing the film Mo Te Iwi: Carving for the people.

There are 3 main stages to making a film

1. The actual filming 

2. Editing all the film footage

3. Finishing the film 

The 'finishing' stage of the film involves a number of highly skilled people doing very technical things to bring the film to its final form for showing on the big screen. 

 Pictured above and below are our Assistant Producer Jeff Hurrell from MartinSquare Productions and Film Colourist Erin Woolhouse working on film finishing

The film is colour graded to make sure all the various colours look even throughout. This is a mission in and of itself since there are some 200 plus photos in the film as well as archival film footage as well as footage we had taken in different locations (different light).

The sound also needs to be tweaked and enhanced so that things like the volume is even - it's surprising how loud or soft sound can be across different recordings and how words at the end of a sentence can fade away and be barely audible.

We were lucky enough to have the keen ear and highly tuned skills of veteran sound editor Ian Leslie from Undergroundsound to do the sound mixing for the film. Ian has worked on many films and tv shows (such as the iconic Country Calendar) for decades. 

Other technical skills and 'eye for detail' were needed. 

There were literally hundreds of photographs that had to rephotographed at a high resolution so they would show nicely on the big screen. Of these, many were in poor condition and in need of 'upgrading'.  Grant Sheehan gave his time and expertise to painstakingly repair them for us. We're so grateful to Grant for the amazing gift of refreshing and renewing so many old and damaged photographs.

Junelle from the Dub Shop also leant her eye for detail to create the film credit roll.  There's definitely a knack to getting the timing and layout just right for that stream of words and, like the sound mixing, photo and colour grading - you also need to have the technical know-how to do the job. 

Jeff Hurrelll (pictured above) has been overseeing this final stage along with our director/producer Robin Greenberg to ensure that the film is polished and sparkling ready for it's premiere  . . .  coming to the big screen soon!


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