Old Photos Help Tell The Story

Nov 15, 2018

Pictured. Four Konae Aronui carvers -  Ngata Ruru (left),  Hone Taiapa, Jim Ruru and Rangi Hetet at the far end. Taken at Waiwhetu carving the pou for Arohanui ki te Tangata. circa1959


Finding photos for the film has been an emotional roller coaster for some of us in the 'film crew'. Photos can be so evocative.  Just looking at an image from long ago can bring forth smiles, tears and a flood of memories. 

Over the past two days, my sister Veranoa and I have been working our way through boxes and boxes of photographs. Our mother, Erenora, was a great collector and taker of photos. So, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands to look at. 

Many of them are faces of loved ones, no longer here. It can be quite overwhelming and we've had to take a break (sometimes long ones) to gather ourselves for the next few albums. 

Many of them aren't in albums. There are empty photo holders (you know the old-fashioned corner ones) where the contents fell loose from or were removed and didn't find their way back in.

Others are sandwiched between newspaper cuttings or in scrapbooks with names of Exhibitions in bold, felt pen giving clues as to what we might find there.  Dozens are of artworks or buildings adorned with carving and tukutuku and countless photos featuring past students, teaching hui, workshops and demonstrations.

It's a huge task! and we have to get it done over the next few weeks.

We'll post some more images over the coming days with their story . . .



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