What Happened At The World Premiere

indigenous film whakairo Aug 01, 2019

The film Mo Te Iwi: Carving For The People was launched this past Sunday in the Soundings Theatre at Te Papa to a generous audience.

Those who know my Dad, Rangi, will not be surprised to learn that he was overseas for the premiere. In fact, it's a small miracle that Dad even allowed us to make a film about his life as a carver but with a bit of gentle 'arm-twisting' in the form of "do it for your mokopuna", he agreed.

We hope to manage to drag Dad along to the Wednesday screening at Wellington City Gallery. Here's hoping!

In the meantime, here's some snapshots from the premiere and some early feedback about the film  . . . 


         Angevahn Angevahn says,
        "Hubby and I went to the premier. Both of us were deeply moved by this amazing work . . .  I want to see it again as there is such rich knowledge in it."

           Jeff Hurrell, from Martinsquare says,

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