In 2007, Sir Hirini Moko Mead asked if the Hetet whānau could write a book about Rangi Hetet and his life as a carver. Sir Hirini felt it important to record a social history of that time in the mid 1900s and those men who often travelled to hapū, living with them while the wharenui were carved.

We started to interview Rangi for a book but quickly realised that making a film would better capture and convey the stories. Thankfully, Rangi (who is a very reserved person) agreed based on our urging that once he is no longer with us the stories will be gone forever!


We're not part of a film company, we're just a group of people who want to share this story with the world. we're trying to complete with the help of some wonderful people who have contributed their time and effort with a whole lot of aroha.

We'd love to have you jump on this waka and take the journey with us, for the last part of the leg, and help us preserve this story for future generations.

We know you won't be disappointed with what emerges. If you loved 'Tu Tangata' and 'He Waka Hono Tangata' then you're going to find 'Mo Te Iwi' just as endearing.

We hope you'll join us to complete the film 'Mo Te Iwi: Carving for The People' to be ready to premiere at the NZ Film Festival 2019. It's a tight deadline! and we need your help to finish the editing stage of the project.

Thanks to a grant from Creative NZ we were able to complete filming earlier this year and now it's time for the next leg of the film-making: the editing and then film finishing - an equally huge part of the process.


With literally enough footage to make three films! it's a mammoth job on a very tight deadline but with the generous support of our crew, we're pretty sure we'll make it.

We've got an amazing team of highly experienced professionals from the NZ film industry working with us (for mates rates) to get this film finished including:

Robin Greenberg (Director, Co-Producer) and Waka Attwell (Cinematographer) who also helped us make the films: Tū Tangata - Weaving for the People and He Waka Hono Tangata - A Canoe that Unites the People.

Helping us to edit Mo Te Iwi: Carving for the People are Editors: Jeff Hurrell and Owen Ferrier-Kerr.

Music for the film is being provided by a handful of musicians, just keen to support, including Noel Woods and Grove Roots from Waiwhetu and Tyann Singh from Wellington and violinist, Elena.

Co-Producer Lillian Hetet-Owen on behalf of the Hetet whānau.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT - it means a lot! 

 We really appreciate any support you can bring to this project - whether you choose a reward via the Kickstarter or simply share the link with your networks. Thank you!

Ngā mihi nui, 

The Hetet whānau and the Crew of MO TE IWI - Carving for the People


50% Complete