Capturing Knowledge

For future generations

Preserving Our Stories

In 2007, Sir Hirini Moko Mead and his wife, Lady June, asked if the Hetet whānau could write a book about Rangi Hetet and his life as a carver. Sir Hirini felt it important to record a social history of that time in the mid 1900s and those men who travelled the country, living with hapū while the wharenui were carved.







We started to interview Rangi (one of the last remaining carvers of the Konae Aronui group) for a book but quickly realised that making a film would better capture and convey the stories. Thankfully, Rangi (a very reserved person) agreed based on our urging that once he is no longer with us the stories will be gone forever!





To share with you an intimate insight into the life of a traditional Māori carver in the modern world.




We Filmed on Location

We are grateful to the people of Ngati Turangitukua of Hirangi marae and Napa Otimi at Waihi who hosted us. The people of Waiwhetu Marae and Wainuiomata Marae, staff of the Tongariro National Park Visitors Centre, the National Library, Parliamentary Services and the Museum of City and Sea. Tena ra koutou katoa. Special thanks to Creative NZ for the grant that helped us with the filming for the documentary.





Robin Greenberg (Director & Co-Producer)
Lillian Hetet-Owen (Co-Producer)
Jeff Hurrell (Associate Producer)

Waka Attewell (Cinematographer)

Craig Muller (Sound)
Brian Shennan (Sound)
Grant Atkinson (Camera)
Androo Galt (Production Assistant)

Ian Leslie (Sound Mix)
Grant Sheehan  (Photographic restoration)
Erin Woolhouse (Colourist)
Junelle at the Dub Shop (Credits)

Owen Ferrier-Kerr (Editing)
Jeff Hurrell (Editing)
Neil Mayo (Editing)

Noel Woods & Grove Roots (music)
Tyaan Singh (music)
Elena (music)
James Kimo West (music)
Nopera Pikari (music)



Robin Greenberg's son, Jasper who came on location with us, everywhere, was 8 years old when we started. He grew several inches during the course of filming!




AND NOW . . . We're Finishing the Film

With grateful thanks to the NZ Film Commission we finished the film just in time to premiere Mo Te Iwi on the Big Screen in Wellington on 28 July 2019 at the NZ International Film Festival

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